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Please contact me only by phone or text (preferred and faster) at 478-1268. IF I DO NOT RESPOND WITH A CONFIRMATION THAT I HAVE YOUR APPOINTMENT WRITTEN IN MY BOOK, THEN YOU ARE NOT BOOKED. (I may offer something and sometimes people get back to me so delayed that the offered spot is already taken but they presume it is still theirs. You need to hear from me that it is ok /confirmed).

I look forward to seeing you.


Payment, mentioned before, is cash, cheque or Etransfer to


12 Old Birch Rd Portland Estates

Dartmouth, NS B2W 6B4

There are six stairs and a cat.


Please do not use google maps unless you read the directions very carefully. There are many streets around here with almost identical names.

If you are coming via the 111 highway, you will need exit 7 EAST which will say Woodlawn /Cole Harbour. This is just the other side of the Penhorn Mall exit.

Enter the subdivision using either Portland Estates Blvd or Eisener. Eisener has an orange and white gas bar on the corner and goes past the Superstore and Winners and library. Portland Estates Blvd has a brick gate entrance.

Go to the end (of either Eisener or Portland Estates Blvd) where there will be a T-shaped intersection. Turn right. My street, Old Birch Rd, is the first left, with silver mailboxes at the head of the street. Number 12 is a short way down on the left, with a rock wall garden. You may park behind my black VW. Better yet is to park in front of the garden so I don't get car exhaust from the road on my veggies.

Bus Info: Bus 57, stop number 8064

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