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About Heather MacAuley PT
Hello and welcome to my slightly incomplete website. 
I graduated from Dalhousie University in 1981 with a BSc in physiotherapy; in 1996 I completed the final Canadian examination in manual and manipulative therapy which has international recognition.  I have a strong interest in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, whiplash, concussion and chronic pain and in using manual therapy, manipulation and holistic healthcare to do so.  I have studied osteopathic methods, craniosacral therapy, nerve releases, acupressure, muscle balancing and neurological re-programming to widen my scope. I offer orthotics (with a neat way to 'test-drive' them before ordering) and commonly-needed braces.
For years I was owner/operator of Burnside Physiotherapy Ltd. and met thousands of lovely people.  Now I work from home in Dartmouth with the best commute ever and a deck to have lunch on.  Hope to see you at my home office. New note: texting is a swift way to get me, and safer if/when the phone ceases to function as I can still get your messages and respond via the laptop.
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